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Care and Cleaning

Sheepskin products need proper care and attention to remain at their best. Simply add a small amount of quality shampoo or Aussie Wool Wash Liquid to cold water in a washing machine on a very gentle cycle, or hand wash. Always treat your sheepskin products with care and look after them as they will look after you.

  • Dry in mild sunlight or preferably shade
  • Small stains should be removed by lightly sponging soiled area
  • Rugs should be brushed with a strong hair brush or similar product as the drying cycle nears completion. This will restore the natural soft fluffy feel.
  • Longwool rugs especially, should be brushed and aired frequently as this will keep your rug in great shape.
  • Pet rugs can be cleaned as above and sprayed with pest control products.
  • You should always spray your garments or ugg boots and slippers with a moisture repellant if you intend to wear them outdoors.
Things to avoid when cleaning sheepskin are:
  • Hot water. This causes permanent damage by stripping the natural oil, (lanolin) from the pelt making it very hard and rough.
  • Anything with an enzyme in it such as washing powders or detergents used in normal laundry practices.
  • Sheepskin must not be spun, or dried in severe heat. This will damage and harden the soft pelt.
  • Never under any circumstance dry by any method other than those recommended.
  • Exposure to severe heat or tumble drying will destroy the product.