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Wool Facts

Some amazing facts about our wool products:

  • Because sheepskin is a natural product and not man made, there will be certain differences in texture and density as well as fibre content. What that means is that each and every skin will not be exactly the same.
  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling uncomfortable! This will ensure that your little one will continue to feel happy and contented although the lambskin he or she is on contains moisture.
  • Wool is nature's own insulator, warm in winter and cool in summer. We sell as many lambskin products to people in warmer regions as we sell to people in the colder countries.
  • Our tanning methods ensure no loose fibers. What this means is, that the methods we use in the tanning process ensure that the wool remains intact with the pelt.
  • Baby and Invalid Rugs are specially treated with Mitecide and Bactiguard, reducing the risk of allergy, rash, and bed sores. And are approved by the relevant Medical Authorities in most educated countries of the world.
  • All wool products are naturally fire resistant and Internationally approved by world heath care experts and conform to British Crown Suppliers standard 5852 and USA Flammable Fabrics Act.
Care and Cleaning

Sheepskin products need proper care and attention to remain at their best. Simply add a small amount of quality shampoo or Aussie Wool Wash Liquid to cold water in a washing machine on a very gentle cycle, or hand wash. Always treat your sheepskin products with care and look after them as they will look after you.

  • Dry in mild sunlight or preferably shade
  • Small stains should be removed by lightly sponging soiled area
  • Rugs should be brushed with a strong hair brush or similar product as the drying cycle nears completion. This will restore the natural soft fluffy feel.
  • Longwool rugs especially, should be brushed and aired frequently as this will keep your rug in great shape.
  • Pet rugs can be cleaned as above and sprayed with pest control products.
  • You should always spray your garments or ugg boots and slippers with a moisture repellant if you intend to wear them outdoors.
Things to avoid when cleaning sheepskin are:
  • Hot water. This causes permanent damage by stripping the natural oil, (lanolin) from the pelt making it very hard and rough.
  • Anything with an enzyme in it such as washing powders or detergents used in normal laundry practices.
  • Sheepskin must not be spun, or dried in severe heat. This will damage and harden the soft pelt.
  • Never under any circumstance dry by any method other than those recommended.
  • Exposure to severe heat or tumble drying will destroy the product.
What is hypoallergenic ?

Hypoallergenic products are those that produce fewer allergic reactions than other products. Consumers with hypersensitive skin, and even those with "normal" skin will find that such products will be gentler on them, thus eliminating any fear of rash.

Wool is considered among the medical profession as hypoallergenic.