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Size information for footwear

Before ordering your footwear, remember that sheepskin and lambskin products are very different from a normal dress shoe or runner, as inside our footwear you will find 11mm of thick wool that is not found inside normal footwear.

Some things you need to know before you order:

  • Sheepskin footwear only comes in whole sizes. If you wear a dress shoe half size, order the next larger sheepskin whole size.
  • Sheepskin boots and slippers should be snug when you first start to wear them. There is 11mm of wool inside the footwear that will quickly mould around the shape of your foot.
  • Sheepskin footwear is normally worn with bare feet. However, you may want to wear socks, if this is your intention we suggest you order 1 size larger than you had intended as the footwear will feel tighter as the wool attaches to the sock.
  • If you feel your heel is slipping up and down, dont worry, this is because the wool in the heel area is not yet moulded to your foot, once broken in by wearing, this will disappear, as you heel goes back into the heel area. 
  • The more you wear sheepskin footwear the better it feels. Footwear should feel firm on your foot initially as they tend to stretch to about extra half a size.
  • Be sure that you try to give us a shoe size rather than a runner or similar piece of footwear as the sizing of these varies from country to country.

If you are unsure of your size, then the simplest thing to do is measure the underside sole of your most popular footwear, include this on your order in inches or centimeters, tell us about it in the instructions, and we will interpret your size from that.